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Current projects:

Project Almanaq – Together with a well-established Hamburg-based trading company and the Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics, Kybernesia is exploring the potential of neurally-inspired algorithms for predictive analytics to increase efficiency, transparency and cost savings in the maritime industry.

Project Mimotype – Combining Biomimetics and Genomics for rapid breakthrough innovation in bio-inspired design, e.g. swarm intelligence, bio-medicine and neuromorphic computing. Interested in a use case? Get in touch.

Biochain – a series of articles for online publication Cointelegraph outlining a biological understanding of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency:

Past projects:

Milchstraßentiere („Milky Way Animals“) – a multimedia blog on Claudio’s scientific work as an astrobiologist


Prototyping of a telegram bot for language preservation enabled by linguistic swarm intelligence