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Multiscale Complexity, edited volume

Evolution, Development and Complexity

Multiscale Evolutionary Models of Complex Adaptive Systems

Georgiev, G., Smart, J.M., Flores Martinez, C.L., Price, M.E. (Eds.)

This book explores the universe and its subsystems from the three lenses of evolutionary (contingent), developmental (predictable), and complex (adaptive) processes at all scales. It draws from prolific experts within the academic disciplines of complexity science, physical science, information and computer science, theoretical and evo-devo biology, cosmology, astrobiology, evolutionary theory, developmental theory, and philosophy.

Genomics-based Biomimetics

Flores Martinez C.L. (2017) Introducing Biomimomics: Combining Biomimetics and Comparative Genomics for Constraining Organismal and Technological Complexity. In: Mangan M., Cutkosky M., Mura A., Verschure P., Prescott T., Lepora N. (eds) Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems. Living Machines 2017. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10384. Springer, Cham

Systems Engineering and Bio-Complexity

Flores Martinez, C. L. , “Convergent evolution and the search for biosignatures within the solar system and beyond”, Acta Astronautica,116 (2015) 394-402

K. Konstantinidis, C.L. Flores Martinez, B. Dachwald, A.Ohndorf, P. Dykta, P. Bowitz, M. Rudolph, I. Digel, J. Kowalski,K. Voigt, R. Förstner, “A lander mission to probe subglacial wateron Saturn ׳s moon Enceladus for life”, Acta Astronautica, 106 (2015) 63- 89