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Speaking & Consulting

Contact us for speaking and consultancy engagements! Turn your organization into an organism. Biomimetize your business. Induce major transitions in complexity.

November 20th 2018: Korea-Europe Start-Up Summit

May 8th 2018: Claudio and CEO of partnering company HomoMimicus, Dr. Sun-Joong Kim, speaking at the Start-Up Panel Discussion of the 9th IHK Business Day Korea in Frankfurt.

20th September 2017: Claudio giving a talk on „Comparative Genomics of Convergent Evolution“ during the „Evolution, Development & Complexity“ Satellite, which he organized together with colleagues from Evo Devo Universe, at the Conference on Complex Systems 2017, Cancún.

17th May 2017: Kybernesia gave a talk on the past and present of biomimetics at

Bucerius ThinkIn innovation conference in Hamburg. Title: „Biomimetic Design, Organic Innovation and Major Transitions“

Bucerius ThinkIn newcomer panel. Very left, Danilo, third from right, Claudio.